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Applied Physics

The Applied Physics major offers a fundamental background to the fields of materials science, solid state physics, and electronic engineering. It is intended to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to explore the nanoscale world of materials, and to meet the needs for the development of novel materials and devices.

Applied Physics Major

Research Group Member Research Topics Keywords
Physics and Engineering of Non-equilibrium Materials Prof. Chihiro ITOH Photo-induced phase transition, Photochemical processes in condensed mater, Radiation-induced processes in nano carbons, Spectroscopy and dynamics of excited states in condensed mater radiation-induced atomic process, phase transition, material modification by irradiation, vibrational spectroscopy, conjugated polymers, organic charge-transfer complex, nano carbons
Theory of Condensed Matter Lecturer Masato ODA Theory of electronical and optical properties of condensed matter, Excitation induced atomic process, Electronic-state control of amino acids on semiconductor surfaces first principles calculation, density functional theory
Optical Properties in Bulk & Nano Materials Assoc. Prof. Ikuko AKIMOTO Experiment of optical properties in solids, Electron spin resonance of optical excited state, Growth and characterization of nanoscale Materials laser spectroscopy, fluorescence and phosphorescence, OLED, ESR, photo-carrier dynamics
Assoc. Prof. Nobuhiko OZAKI semiconductor, quantum dots, photonic crystals, MBE, optical devices
Electronic Materials Prof. Ichiro TANAKA Semiconductor nano dots, Organic electronics, Characterization of electronic properties of disordered and/or organic semiconductors, Electrochemical growth and nanostructure-fabrication of oxide semiconductors, Crystal growth of green materials by green technology, Crystal growth and characterization of compound semiconductors colloidal dots, thin films, organic materials, transistors, solar cells
Prof. Hirotsugu KIDA semiconductor electronics, amorphous semiconductors, device physics, carrier transport properties, thin film solar cells
Assoc. Prof. Kazuyuki UNO semiconductor physics and devices, optical properties of semiconductors, thin film growth, oxide semiconductors, widegap semiconductors, functional materials
Physical Chemistry Assoc. Prof. Hideo YAMAKADO Preparation of organic conductive materials, Measurement of solid state properties, Prediction of crystal structures charge transfer complexes, phthalocyanines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, polymers, electric conductivity, superconductivity, electron spectroscopy, electronic structure, MO calculation, crystal structure prediction