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Campus Map

Combining a breathtaking vista from atop a plateau with a bountiful array of flora.
Ever-expanding education and research facilities set within the attractive surroundings. We welcome you to enjoy your time on campus in the plentiful environment only possible at Wakayama University.

  1. University Administration Building (Secretariat, Funds Office, Health Support Center)
  2. Faculty of Economics South Building / Faculty of Tourism Offices
  3. Faculty of Economics Classroom Building
  4. Faculty of Economics Main Building
  5. Faculty of Tourism Main Building
  6. University Library (Institute of Kishu Economic and Cultural History)
  7. Center for Information Science
  8. Fureai Hall (Cafeteria)
  9. Faculty of Systems Engineering A Building
  10. Integrated Research Building
    / Student Center for Independent Research in the Sciences (KURIE)
  11. Faculty of Systems Engineering B Building
  12. Center for Joint Research and Development
    / Center for Research and Education of Disaster Reduction
  13. Faculty of Education Music, Art, Performance Building
  14. Center for Education Research and Training Building
  15. Faculty of Education Main Building
  16. Faculty of Education Classroom Building
  17. General Education Building / Student Center / Center for International Education and Research
    (Lecture Halls, Job Search & Placement Services, Job Search & Placement Material Center, Student Counseling)
  18. University Hall (Cafeteria, Shops, ATMs)
  19. Sakaedani Hall
  20. Small Playing Ground
  21. Courts
  22. Archery Range
  23. Club Activities Building
  24. Tennis Courts
  25. Gymnasium (Martial Arts Hall)
  26. Baseball Field (Multi-Purpose Ground)
  27. Club Activities Building
  28. Laboratory Farm Fields
  29. The Facility of Radio Observation and Communication
  30. Athletic Field
  31. Club Activities Building / Training Camp Building
  32. Swimming Pool
  33. Dormitories (Male)
  34. Dormitories (Female)