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The Chemistry major provides opportunities to learn the fundamental laws of chemistry and a basic understanding of materials, and allows students to develop the specialized ability to comprehend chemical phenomena, interactions at an atomic level, and the design of new functional materials.

Chemistry Major


Research Group Member Research Topics Keywords
Inorganic and Coordination Chemistry Prof. Masato HASHIMOTO Synthesis of polyoxometalates, Formation analysis of polyoxometalates in solution, Single crystal structure analysis by X-ray, Catalytic properties of polyoxometalates polyoxometalate, peroxopolyoxometalate, transition metal peroxide, inorganic synthesis, equilibrium analysis, single crystal X-ray diffraction, multinuclear NMR, solid state NMR, self assembly, catalytic property, metal complex
Structural Organic Chemistry Assoc. Prof. Satoko HAYASHI Structures and properties of compounds having novel interactions, AIM analysis of weak to strong interactions, NMR analysis based on MO theory, Applications of novel interactions to biological sciences quantum chemical calculations, AIM dual functional analysis, main group elements, hypervalent compounds, NMR analysis, non-bonded interactions
Assoc. Prof. Tsunehisa OKUNO Solid-state-polymerization of diacetylenes, Synthesis of ynamines, Synthesis of hybrid p-conjugated system diacetylenes, solid-state-polymerization, ynamines, macrocycles, ladder-polymer, conductivity, BN hybrid p-system
Analytical Chemistry  Prof. Setsuko YAJIMA Design of biocompatible ion-sensor, Chemical sensing using nanoparticles, AFM analysis of stimuli-responsive polymers, Separation and recovery of rare metals, Photocontrol of substance separation, analytical chemistry, chemical sensor, host-guest chemistry, molecular recognition, functional organic materials, siloxane, atomic force microscopy, nanoparticle, nanotechnology, separation and recovery, micelle, colloidal crystal, photochromism
Assoc. Prof. Yoshio NAKAHARA
Design of Soft Materials Prof. Hidefumi SAKAMOTO Design of softmaterials, Synthesis and properties of condensed aromatic heterocycllic compounds, Modification of natural products, Synthesis and properties of organic electronic materials, Development of drug delivery system natural products, polymer, organic synthesis, aromatic heterocycllic compounds, supramolecules, molecular recognition, organic electronic materials, heterohelicene, biocompatible compound, organic electroluminescense, organic field effect transistor, organic photocatalyst, organic photovoltaics, drug delivery system
Assoc. Prof. Hideji OUSUGA
Biological Chemistry Assoc. Prof. Takashi SAKAMOTO Development of novel molecular tools for the analysis, imaging, and regulation of biomolecules Cell-based assay, Fluorescence spectroscopy, 19F NMR, Simultaneous and quantitative analysis, Molecular imaging, Organic synthesis, Molecular probes, Nucleic acids, Proteins, Poly- and oligo-saccharides, Oligonucleotides, Peptides, Amino acids