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Environmental Design

The Environmental Design major aims to train students to be capable of substantively improving man’s relationship with nature. This major encompasses all aspects of the environment, from the natural world to living spaces. Students learn techniques for harmonious coexistence with nature - including regeneration of the natural environment, disaster prevention, greenification, and natural energy sources - as well as planning technologies such as landscape preservation, urban planning, and architectural design.

 Environmental Design Major


Member Research Topics Keywords
Prof. Hirozumi KANEKO Material flow analysis, Sustainable City, Water environment Environmental planning
Prof. Masahiro TAKASAGO Architecture and building engineering, Architectural history, Architectural design Architecture, Landscape, Renovation, Mies van der Rohe, Geometric composition
Prof. Atsushi NAKASHIMA Landscape Ecology, Plant physiology, Renewable energy Woody plants, Forest, Mangrove, Ecosystem restoration, Global warming, Water power
Prof. Tomoko MIYAGAWA Areas and cities regeneration, Environmental Regeneration, Landscape Design Landscapes and Environmental Design, Landscapes and Environmental Planning, Historic Townscapes and environment, Regeneration of PDLs (Previously Developed Lands; brownfields)
Prof. Shinobu YABU Civil and environmental engineering, Horticulture, Landscape architecture Ecosystems, Environmental restoration, Greenery
Assoc. Prof. Masayuki KAWASAKI Architectural Design, Design Methodology, Architecture, Design, Method, Appropriate Technology
Assoc. Prof. Yasutomi SAKUMA City and Town Planning, Community Design Community Design, Urban-Rural Interactions
Assoc. Prof. Takayuki HIRATA Living Environment, Architectural Design, School Design Participatory planning, Rural village, Educational facilities, Area studies of the Philippines