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Electronic Measurement

With the aim of training students capable of creating sensing and signal processing systems useful in present-day human lifestyles and industries, the Electronic Measurement Measure performs education and research relating to electrical and electronic engineering, applied optics, and measurement devices and systems.

Department of Design and Information Sciences


Research Group  Member Research Topics Keywords
Microengineering Prof.
Research on micro sicience and engineering, and tribology,
Research on self-motion,
Development of micro electro mechanical systems for bio-medical applications,
Development of artificial muscles for robotics and bio-medical applications,
Development of polymer-based devices,
Evaluation of driving characteristics of artificcial muscles,
Analysis of driving mechanism of artificial muscles,

micro engineering, surface science, tribology, self-motion, AFM, MEMS, NEMS, micro-nano processing, fabrication technology, photolithography, electro active polymer (EAP), artificial muscles, polymer actuator, ionic polymer-metal composite (IPMC), polypyrrole (PPy), dielectric elastomer actuator (DEA), ionic liquid, soft robotics, bio-medical aplications, characterization, operating analysis
Lecturer Hirofumi Miki MEMS Application, Microsensor, Microactuator, Micro Medical device MEMS, Skin sensor, Microneedle, Microtactile sensor, Inkjet mechanism,Personal verification
Assist. Prof. Kunitomo KIKUCHI Development of ionic polymer actuators and sensors,
Development of conductive polymer actuators and sensors,
Development of dielectric elastomer actuators and sensors,
Wave Electronics Prof. Masayuki MATSUMOTO  Optical fiber communications,
All-optical signal processing,
Distributed fiber sensors,

Assoc. Prof. Yorinobu MURATA Ultrasonic stress measument,
Ultrasonic imaging
Nondestructive testing, Ultrasonic transducer, Piezoelectric polymer, Grazing SH-wave acoustelasticity, Ultrasonic nonlinearity, Ultrasonic spectroscopy
Jun Miyazaki
Nonlinear and nonequilibrium physics
Biomedical optics, Photothermal microscopy, Superresolution, Multimodal microscopy and spectroscopy, Single-molecule experiment, Nonequilibrium thermodynamics of small systems
Information Photonics Prof.
Takanori NOMURA
Digital Optics,
Information Photonics,
Optical Instrumentation
digital holography, 3D imaging & display, optical memory, optical security, computational optical sensing and imaging
Assist. Prof. Yusuke SAITA Information Photonics,
Optical Sensing
Optical Data Storage, Wavefront Sensing, Computational Imaging