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Environmental Science

The Environmental Science major aspires to train students to protect the environment, to improve it, and to pass it on to future generations. Students in this major acquire the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to achieving a sustainable society, including preventing environmental destruction, protecting lives and livelihoods from natural disasters, mitigating and adapting to global warming, and creating beautiful landscape.

Environmental Science Major


Member Research Topics Keywords
Prof. Hiroyuki II Environmental dynamic analysis,
Earth and planetary science,
Hydraulic engineering
Geochemistry, Environmental Geology, Hydrology
Prof. Noboru YOSHIDA Life cycle assessment Industrial Ecology, Recycle, Social Systems
Prof. Nobuyuki EGUSA Hydraulic engineering,
Geotechnical Engineering,
Civil and environmental engineering
Soil and Groundwater Contamination, Geohazard, Basin Water Management, Environmental Dynamic Analysis, GIS
Assoc. Prof. Syuiti YAMAMOTO   cycling, tourism, mathematical model, simulation, optimization
Assoc. Prof. Yuji HARA Landscape Ecology,
Anthropogenic geomorphology
Landscape planning, Landform transformation, Urban-rural planning, Sustainable city region in Asia, GIS
Assoc. Prof. Yugo YAMAMOTO Civil and environmental engineering,
Design and evaluation of sustainable and environmental conscious system,
Environmental conscious materials and recycle
Environmental planning and management, Environmental systems, Low carbon society, Biomass utilization, Material and energy flow analysis, Life cycle assessment (LCA), Zero-emission
Asst. Prof. Masanobu TANIGUCHI Geochemistry,
Environmental science,
Environmental dainamics analysis
Material flow analysis, Water environment, Water quality, GIS
Asst. Prof. Hiroto TANOUCHI Civil and environmental engineering,
Natural disaster science
Urban Flooding, Geographic information system (GIS), Landslide disaster, Environment and Water management