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Media Design

The Media Design major aspires to train students knowledgeable in both media design and information. Students learn aspects of information technology such as sound and visual design, ergonomic interface design, and the methods of design production and planning that serve as their foundation.

Media Design Major


Research Group Member Research Topics Keywords
Design Systems Planning Prof. Toshinobu HARADA Industrial design, Kansei engineering, Design method, CAD/CG Data mining, Multivariate analysis, Rough sets, Genetic algorithm, Aesthetic curve and surface
Auditory Media Prof. Toshio IRINO Auditory modeling, Psychoacoustics, Speech and audio signal processing Auditory model, Auditory scene analysis, Sound perception, Speech, Audio
Assist. Prof. Ryuichi NISIMURA Spoken language processing, Speech interface design Spoken dialog system, Speech recognition, Voice web system
Visual Media Prof. Toshiyuki IMAI Mathematical Engineering Computational Geometry, Algorithm Theory, Optimization
Assoc. Prof. Kohe TOKOI Computer Graphics, Realtime Rendering Computer Graphics, Realtime Rendering, Stereo 3D Display, Virtual Reality, GPU
Space Design Lecturer Norihiro KAWASUMI Computer Aided Architectural Design, Landscape Design, Interior & Workplace Planning Network Collaboration, Design Method, Color Management, Workplace, CAD/CG, Townscape Analysis, Web System Development
Ergonomics Assist. Prof. Takuo MATSUNOBE Software Ergonomics, Human Computer Interaction, User Experience Design User interface, Eye tracking, Usability, Design