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The mechatronics major provides a curriculum in the fields of mechanics, electronics, and control engineering. Students study the professional technologies needed for the efficient design and safe operation of mechatronics devices - such as robots and automobiles. Offering high performance and intelligent features, mechatronics technologies create a user friendly environment.

Mechatronics Major


Research Group Member Research Topics Keywords
Intelligent Mechatronics Prof. Shuro Nakajima robotics, mechatronics, mobile robot systems, personal mobility vehicle, assistive technology motion and gait algorithm on rough terrain, self driving,mechanical design, system design, leg-wheel robot
Assoc. Prof. Koich OGAWARA Computer Vision, Robotics, Pattern Recognition, 3D Measurement, Motion Capture, Humanoid Robot, Imitation Learning, Action Recognition
Lecturer Arata SUZUKI Robust Design, industrial application Taguchi method, Mahalanobis-Taguchi System, biomedical engineering
Robotics Assoc. Prof. Touru MATSUI Object recognition, Motion Planning, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Points Cloud, Category Theory, Rational Motion, Dual Quaternion
Assoc. Prof. Noriaki MARU Dynamic Visual Servoing using Binocular Visual Space, Reaching Control of Humanoid Robot, Stiffness Control of Musculoskeltal Robot, CPG and Reflex based Control of Legged Robot Visual Servoing, Musculoskeltal Robot, Humanoid Robot, Mobile Robot, CPG, Legged Robot, Reflex
Systems Control Prof. Kenji NAGASE Robot Control, Vibration Control, Smart Structures Multi-fingered Robot Hands, Flexible Structures, Self-Sensing Actuation
Lecturer Kenichi TOKUDA Robotics Locomotion for Rescue Systems,Cognitive Robotics legged robot, foot groping, rubble classification, robot middleware, motion analysis, machine learning,, environment understanding, robot interaction
Lecturer Hiroki DOBASHI Design of Robotic Hand Mechanism, Manipulation Planning Robotic Hand, Graspless Manipulation, Alignment, Robust Grasping, Reorientation, Robotic Assembly