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Network Informatics

This major involves education and research on building intelligent information networks. The subjects include mobile networks, Web-based systems, software engineering and big data analysis.

Network Informatics Major


Member Research Topics Keywords
Prof. Kazuhiro KAZAMA Web mining
Network Analysis
Natural Language Processing
Search Engine, Information Retreival, Information Extraction, Information Diffusion, Recomendation System, World Wide Web, Social Network, Social Media, Text Processing, Visualization,
Prof.  Shinichi MIYAMOTO Wireless Communications Wireless LAN, Heterogeneous network, Unlicensed spectrum, CSMA/CA, PHY and MAC layer protocols, Radio resource management, Physical layer security,
Prof. Fumitaka UCHIO Network Architecture
Wireless Sensor Network
Software Defined Network
Wireless Communication System, Sensor Network, Ad-hoc Network,
Power Management for Sensor Network, Sensor Networks Application,
Open Flow,
Assoc. Prof. Masao OHIRA software engineering
empirical software engineering
open source software eingineering
mining software repositories, software analytics, social mining, software quality, software process improvement, software metrics, bug prediction, bug triaging, open source lisence, software visualization
Assoc. Prof. Koji TSUKADA Information Network
Disaster Prevention Systems
Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Disaster Reduction Information Systems, Emergency Information Communication, Ad-hoc Network, Delay Tolerant Networking, Wireless Sensor Network
Assoc. Prof. Takehiko MURAKAWA Data Engineering
Database System
Information Retrieval
Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Developer Support, Digital Heritage, Full-Text Search
Assoc. Prof. Takuya YOSHIHIRO Communication Networks
Graph Theory
Internet Routing, Wireless Networks, Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Graph Algorithms, Combinatorial Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization, Protein-Protein Internaction, Expression Analysis, Data Analytics.
Assoc. Prof. Shigeaki KUZUOKA Information Theory
Shannon Theory
Multi-terminal Information Theory
Source Coding, Universal Coding, Distributed Source Coding, Source Coding for Multiple Decoders, Coding Problems with Side-Information, Rate-Distortion Theory
Lecturer Yutaka KAWAHASHI Internet Architecture
Network Security
Network Management
Layer Model, Internet Routing, Design and Implementation of LAN/WAN and the Gateway, Traffic Analyzing, Network Security Policing/Procedure, Information Security PBL
Assist. Prof. Akihiro FUJIMOTO Information Networking
Multimedia Communication
Network Managemnt
Quality of Servicee, Content Delivery Network, Peer-to-Peer Networking, Wireless LAN, Software Defined Network