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Faculty of Education & Graduate School of Education

Faculty of Education

Description of the Faculty

The Faculty of Education is engaged in fostering educators equipped with advanced specialized knowledge and practical acumen that are required in the education front. The University provides a wealth of opportunities to learn in real-world classroom situations including university-affiliated elementary schools, junior high schools, and special needs schools, as well as unique programs such as the "Remote Area/Combined Classes Teaching Practice Course," which takes advantage of the mountainous and remote terrain of Wakayama. The Faculty of Education offers a curriculum that covers diverse educational fields and instructors who are experts in each area of study so that students are allowed to experience various fields before they decide on their field of specialized study.



Teacher Training Course

Based on a deep understanding of humans and education and specialized knowledge in science, art, and culture, the Teacher Training Course aims to foster teachers with sophisticated qualities and abilities who are capable of supporting the growth and development of children who will lead the next generation. 
The Teacher Training Course is made up of the three fields of Education Science, Subject Matter Teaching, and Primary Education. Students in the Education Science Course work toward becoming teachers in elementary schools, junior high schools, and special needs schools by specializing in one area out of education, psychology, special needs education, and applied education, and students in the Subject Matter Teaching Course work on one area out of the various disciplines. Meanwhile the Primary Education Course specializes in elementary school education and fosters elementary school teachers with a comprehensive perspective that combines Education Science and Subject Matter Teaching.

Comprehensive Education Course

The Comprehensive Education Course views education in the broad sense as a product of living in nature (= the environment) and human endeavors (= culture), and fosters human resources equipped with the practical ability to take action, which is indispensable to modern people, by studying of what kind of consideration for the environment and reflection on culture are needed in our society and everyday life through the Cultural Studies and Environmental Education Programs.


Graduate Schools

Graduate School of Education Master's Program Course Specializing in General School Education
Course Specializing in Individual Subject Education

Postgraduate Course

Course of Special Support Education Developmental Disorders