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Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Economics

Description of the Faculty

A deeper understanding of the economy is useful not only for policy-making and business purposes, but also in gaining profounder insights into the inner workings of the society. To further this understanding of modern societies from various angles, the Faculty of Economics Wakayama University includes three complementary departments, namely the Department of Economics, Department of Business Management, and Department of Market and Environment. Students are encouraged to integrate the fundamental economic concepts with other knowledge and skills that enable them to become active and influential members of the society. Also, the Faculty offers educational courses in information technology and international perspectives to meet the growing needs arising from the information age and globalization process.



Department of Economics Socio-Economics
Economic and Social Policy
Applied Socio-Economic Analysis
Department of Business Management Business Administration
Business Environment
Business Information
Department of Market and Environment Commercial System
Economic Environment
Market and Law

Graduate Schools

Graduate School of Economics Master's Program Course Specializing in Economics
Course Specializing in Business Administration
Course Specializing in Market and Environment