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In the Socio-Informatics major, students acquire the skills needed to plan and design information systems to ensure bountiful lives and societies. Students learn societal frameworks undergirded by information technology, software development, and the high-level communication skills needed to explore possibilities for new information systems.

Socio-Informatics Major


Research Group Member Research Topics Keywords
Software Design Prof. Tsuneo AJISAKA Software Engineering, Informatics, Semiotics Specification, Programming, Requirements Analysis, Software Design
Assoc. Prof. Naruki MITSUDA Software Engineering, Information Technology  Software system design, Web engineering, User interface, Embedded software
Assoc. Prof. Naoki FUKUYASU Software Engineering, Software Engineering Education stylesheet, refactoring, test, PBL, immutable infrastructure
Groupware Prof. Jun MUNEMORI Human Interface Interaction, Web Informatics, Service Informatics Groupware, Web system, Servide science, Creativity
Assist. Prof. Junko ITOU Human interface, Human computer interaction, Network survice Communication support system, Nonverbal expression, Embodied agent
Communication Design Prof. Takashi YOSHINO Multilingual communication support, motivation support CSCW, groupware,Communication support system
Interaction Design Assoc. Prof. Masato SOGA Human Computer Interaction, Skill Learning Envionment, Augumented Reality HCI, Skill, AR, Learning, Education, Human Interface
Social Software Engineering Lecturer Akinori IHARA Software Engineering, Data Mining Software Analytics, Software Quality Assurance, Software Evolution, Open Source Software