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About Wakayama University

Wakayama University was established in 1949 with a modern education system. The University started with just two faculties, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (now Faculty of Education) and Faculty of Economics. In October 1995, the Faculty of Systems Engineering was inaugurated, as well as the Faculty of Tourism in Oct 2008. With these four faculties, Wakayama University has progressed successfully as the only national university in Wakayama Prefecture. In addition, there are three Graduate Schools - Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Economics, and Graduate School of Systems Engineering.

The University is located in Wakayama City that has a population of approximately 400,000, and is about one hour away from Osaka City and about 30 minutes from Kansai International Airport. Wakayama City is surrounded by beautiful mountains and the sea, blessed with warm climate, and this environment provides for comfortable living. Also Wakayama is a traditional city with historic sites and attractions such as "Wakayama Castle" and "Waka No Ura." (the Bay of Japan) that is famously quoted in the classical Japanese poem, Man Yo Shu, the Anthology of Myriad Leaves that is the oldest existing anthology of poetry in Japan.