Wakayama University

Faculty of Systems Engineering

Taking a multi-faceted view of engineering, through studies of "Development" and "Integration"

Faculty of Systems Engineering

Faculty of Systems Engineering

Our Faculty of Systems Engineering was established in 1995 based on the concept of "Science and technology that is kind to the environment and humans." It is a new type of engineering faculty that promotes advanced research in a complex array of fields that is not limited by the conventional boundaries of academia. We use the word 'systems' in order to indicate the goals of the faculty toward affiliations and harmonization of individual technologies. Its five departments provide opportunities for education and research in order to create new science and technology via the combination of conventional fields. Naturally students obtain expertise in their respective fields, but the faculty also places great importance on an approach toward better understanding of the peripheral technologies and the creation of high-quality technology and new research fields.

Graduate School of Systems Engineering

Science and technology is advancing much faster than anyone could have expected, and we are experiencing a paradigm shift in society's systems, including our lifestyles and values. The Graduate School of Systems Engineering has created a flexible cluster-type system of education and research able to adapt to technological innovations and societal reforms. It targets research in a cross section and complex array of fields to promote R&D in innovative technologies and foster advanced technicians with the ability to apply their skills and expertise.


Computer and Communication Sciences Media and Information Systems
Information and Communications Network
Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering
Opto-Mechatronics Systems Control
Ultrasonic Inspection and Photomechanics
Optics and Micro-system
Material Science and Chemistry Nano Science
Nano Technology
Enviromental Systems Environmental Design
Environmental Technology
Environmental Modeling
Design and Information Sciences System Design
Media Design

Graduate Schools

Master’s Program and Doctoral Program Communication Science
Intelligent Systems and Media Integration
Design Science
Intelligent Sensing
Optical Microsystem
Material Science
Enviroment, Society and Informatics