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For international student accommodation, the University operates a facility, "International House". However, available rooms at the International House are limited, and if it is not possible to arrange accommodation at the International House, students need to find housing off-campus. This is the same for those students who are moving out. Currently close to 80% of the international students live outside the campus around the University. In general, rental property in Japan is not furnished and may not be supplied with such items as lighting fixtures. In addition, a security deposit, generally equivalent to about 3 months rent, is required. The security deposit is supposed to be returned when the student leaves, however, most commonly, half of the amount will not be returned and instead is used to cover restoration and cleaning costs for the next rental.

Wakayama University International House [About International Student Dormitory (download / Word file / 122KB)]

Students who apply for the International House are required to download and complete the Application for Dormitory Permission (download/word file/49.5KB) .

  • Application submission: Jan.- Feb.(for students whose first semester starts in Apr.),Jul.- Aug.(for those whose first semester starts in Oct.)
  • Lodging Period: 6months to one year in principle
  • No. of Rooms: 24 (all for singles)
  • Supplied with: bed,table,desk,locker room,shoe box,mini-kitchen,unit bath and toilet,air circulation system , internet
  • Room Charge: ¥9,500/mo.[rent ¥5,900 + maintenance costs ¥3,600(including water)](room charge to be revised - increased - soon)
  • Electricity: paid by the individual
  • Location: postcode 641-0051
    1-7-20 Nishitakamatsu Wakayama-City (centrally located. By bus to the campus 30-40 minutes: ¥620)

Off-Campus Housing (apartment and other lodging arrangement)

International students intending to live outside the campus will have to find housing by themselves, and mostly students do so through the help of friends, university seniors and volunteer groups. At the University, the student campus store provides the list of available housing. In Japan, when signing the lease, it is customary that the leasing party prepares a sizable sum of money at the beginning for payments such as: residence fee, general deposit, security deposit and realtor's charge (about half to one month's rent). The approximate amount is shown below.

Residence Fee and Others Monthly Rent
¥100,000 - ¥300,000 ¥30,000 - ¥60,000

Living Cost

Living cost in Japan may often exceed what international students originally estimated. It is advisable, therefore, that students carefully estimate living expenses when they are preparing to study in Japan. The approximate costs are shown below

Housing ¥30,000 - ¥50,000
Utility ¥8,000 - ¥10,000
Meals ¥30,000 - ¥40,000
Internet and Telephone ¥7,000 - ¥10,000
Books ¥5,000 - ¥10,000
Others (such as leisure) ¥20,000 - ¥30,000
Total ¥100,000 - ¥150,000

Comprehensive Housing Insurance System for International Students

This system started in March 1999 to insure against risks and liabilities such as fire, and rent payment default, and also to ease the international student's mental and financial stress that is caused by the need to find a guarantor. A guarantor is often required in order to sign the rental lease when living off-campus. It is advisable to join this system when students face issues in finding a guarantor. IER will help to file the application.

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