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Insurance System and Hospitals

The National Health Insurance Act was revised by ministerial ordinance 103 of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, on 2004 June 8th, and since then all residence permits holders categorized under "International Student" have become eligible to join the National Health Insurance System. It is mandatory in Japan for residents to have health insurance.

Regardless of the length of stay, it is necessary for all international students to join the National Health Insurance. (For those international students whose spouses have other medical insurance plans such as coverage from the Health Insurance Society, Mutual Aid Association etc., this requirement does not apply.)

Hospitals and Information for Emergency Care in Wakayama City

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Disaster and Accident Insurance for Students (Gakkensai)

Gakkensai coverage is purchased by the University for all students that include international students, thus it is not necessary for students to purchase this insurance separately. The Gakkensai covers students’ personal injuries caused by sudden and accidental external force during education and research activities inside and outside Japan. Illness is not included for compensation claims of this insurance. There is also a special clause to cover accidental injuries that might occur while commuting, and moving between university facilities.

Personal Liability Insurance for Students - Supplementary to the Disaster and Accident Insurance for Students (Gakkenbai)

Gakkenbai covers students' accidents, third-party liability, damaged personal property etc. that might occur during regular/extra curricular activities inside and outside Japan. It is mandatory that students join the plan so that in case of any unexpected accident during class, university events, internship, volunteer/other school-related extra-curricular activities, commuting, etc., financial liability to the student will be significantly reduced. Insurance premium is \340 per year (the \120 for application processing fee is separate). The insurance plan is to be joined individually by students. Please complete the filing of the application at the Student Support Division shortly after the admission to Wakayama University.

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