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Daily Living


Please see Kansai Electricity homepage (This links to Japanese-only site.) for usage, fees and other details.


Please see Osaka Gas homepage (This links to Japanese-only site.) for usage, fees and other details. Depending on the residential area, a different gas company provides services. Please inquire at the property management company about it.


Please see Wakayama Municipal Water Department homepage (This links to Japanese-only site.) for usage, fees and other details. For students living in the International House, this information does not apply. Students living outside Wakayama City, please inquire at the local community office.

Garbage Collection

Please see Wakayama Municipal Garbage Collection Service homepage (This links to Japanese-only site.) for handling of garbage. Garbage collection date and handling procedures are different for each municipality. Please inquire at the local community office for more details.

Driving Cars, Motorcycles and Bicycles


When a foreigner is driving a car in Japan, a valid international driver's license is required. It may be possible to transfer a foreign driving license to a Japanese license. Please inquire at the Drivers License Center of each locality for more details.

For Wakayama residents: Wakayama Prefectural Traffic (Kotsu) Center
Wakayama Dentetsu Kishigawa Railway Line Traffic (Kotsu) Center Station, one minute by walk
Tel: 073-473-0110
For Osaka residents: Kadoma Driving License Test Center
Keihan Dentetsu Railway Line Furukawabashi Station, and take a bus to Kadoma Driving License Test Center
Tel: 06-6908-9121
Komyoike Driving License Test Cente
Senboku Highway Railway Line Komyoike Station West Exit 400m
Tel: 0725-56-1881

Motorcycles (including those less than 50cc)

Driving motorcycles (including those less than 50cc) requires a valid driving license that may be separate from the license for a car. It is necessary to obtain a motorcycle license or to transfer a foreign license issued by the original country to a Japanese license.

* Please make sure to familiarize yourself with Japanese traffic rules when driving. This is also true for riding bicycles.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

It is mandatory by law to have Automobile Liability Insurance (Jibaiseki/Kyousei Hoken) when driving cars and motorcycles in Japan. In addition, there is a voluntary insurance (Ninni Hoken) that can be purchased to supplement the coverage, and it is often recommended. In case of an accident, a voluntary insurance enables third-party professionals to negotiate the terms to settle the costs related to the accident, and that is very helpful.

When Accident Happens

Accidents involving motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians have been increasing and great caution is advised. In the event of an accident and if injuries occur, immediately dial 119 to call for an ambulance. For calling police by dialing 110, please make sure to inform the police officers the location and describe the situation of the accident. Also do not forget to collect information on the name and contact address of the other party involved in the accident.

Commuting by Cars and Motorcycles

If students drive cars and motorcycles for commuting, it is required to obtain the permission and register at Wakayama University Transportation Cooperative (Kotus Taisaku Kyouryokukai; Fee is ¥8,000 per year) located at the Student Center. Documents required to register are driver's license and inspection certificate for cars. For motorcycles, required are driver's license and Automobile Liability Insurance (Jibaiseki/Kyousei Hoken) certificate. Please make sure to park the motor vehicles at the parking space designated specifically for each registered motor vehicle.

Commuting by Bicycles

There is no specific registration/permission required for bicycle commuting. Please make sure, however, to park bicycles at the designated area for bicycle parking. In order to prevent bicycle theft, it is recommended to install locks on bicycles, preferably locks that allow bicycles to be tethered to cycle stands such as U-shape lock and wire-lock.

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