Competition Concept



Event name : Asia Pacific Cansat ompetition 2013

Date : Dec.1, 2013 10:00-17:00

Venue : Vietnam Hòa Lạc Space Center

Organizer : Vietnam National Space Center

Co-hosts : Wakayama University

Corporate sponsors(TBD) : IHI Aerospace, SUNTORY

Eligibility for participation

High school and University students recommended by space agencies of their own country.

Number of teams

Vietnam : 2-3 teams    

Other countries : 4-6 teams (1 team per country)

Participation fee

Free (Participants must afford travel expense and cost for developing cansat.)


Those who wish to watch the competition are asked to apply in advance through VNSC.

Details of the competition



Vietnam side : Mr. Phuong @ VNSC

Japan side : Prof. AKIYAMA @ Wakayama Univ. 

Cansat design provision


 * all components should be in range of above size requirement

How to join the competition as a team


How to visit the competition

(Need to check with VNSC side)

Detail Schedule

End of September  Open a website   

Nov. 1   Due of applications from cansat teams   

Nov. 15  Due of applications from visitors   

Nov. 30, aroud 3pm: Staffs from Japan arrive Hanoi and prepare for the next day   

Dec. 1:

    Move to Hoa Lac

    10am Opening Ceremony, Opening remarks by Dr. Tuan, Prof. Matsui, etc.

    10:30am Presentation

      Noon Lunch

    1pm Ground test

    2pm Launch

    3pm Presentation

    4pm Closing Ceremony, Closing remarks