Viewpoint Dependent Appearance Manipulation / 視点依存の見かけの操作


  • These pictures show the appearance at each viewpoint. Horizontally aligned four projector camera unit pairs manipulate the appearance of the newspaper from each viewpoint. The two left-side units reduce the saturation, and the other two units enhance saturation with the appearance-manipulation technique. Because the news ink has gloss reflection, the projection from the other side cannot be influenced, and we can apply a different manipulation at each viewpoint.


Our goal is to alternate the object BRDF of our perception by using viewing-direction-dependent appearance-manipulation, as shown in upper figure. This means that the user can perceive various BRDFs on the same object, and we can change the apparent BRDF instantaneously with illumination-projection.
The proposed method employs a multiple-projector camera feedback system, and each projector camera system simultaneously manipulates the apparent color or contrast from the different viewing directions. Since we assume the mirror reflection is a dominant component, we placed the camera on the counter side of the projector for the system. We confirmed that our multiple-projector camera system enables viewpoint-dependent appearance-manipulation on an anisotropic reflection surface by the experimental results. Interestingly, the application target is not limited to a metallic surface, and we have confirmed that it can be applied to matte paper media for glossy ink reflection.