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This web site provides information on Chihiro's activities on scientific reserch, education, and so on. Upto date, the dominat contents have been written in Japanee. I'll add english contents before very long.



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Reserch Interesrts

My research field is in pure and applied physics related to material modification with using variaous electronic excitation. Recent tipics of my reserch are mainly related to two field: one is photo-induced phase transition of one-dimensional organic charge-trasfer complexes, π-conjugated polymers and charge-orderd materials. The other is related to carrier dynamics in oxides.

I am extending my research field for exploring new function of materials.




関連する研究分野に関連するキーワード :

  • 光誘起相転移
  • 木質ナノカーボンの開発
  • カーボンナノチューブの機能発現
  • 電子励起誘起構造変化
  • 酸化物半導体での光キャリアダイナミクス
  • ナノプロセス