The 34th Symposium on Transformation Groups

supported by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A) No. 17204007 (Shigenori Matsumoto)

November 22 -- 24, 2007

Exercise Room #1 (4th floor), Wakayama Municipal Auditorium.
7 Denpoubashiminaminocho, Wakayama, Japan
(5 minutes walk from Wakayamashi Station of Nankai Line)
[Nankai Electric Railway Web Site]

* You can download the whole proceedings here >> proceedings.pdf
* Prof. Pawalowski's talk and Prof. Nagasaki's talk have been cancelled. Please check the changes in the program. [Nov. 19]

November 22, 2007

14:00--14:50 Yusuke Kuno (The University of Tokyo)
The Mapping Class Group and the Meyer Function for Plane Curves
15:00--15:50 Masatoshi Satoh  (The University of Tokyo) 
The Abelianization of a Symmetric Mapping Class Group
16:00--16:50 Nobuhiro Nasamura  (The University of Tokyo, COE PD) 
Nonsmoothable Group Actions in Dimension 4
17:00--17:50 Ronald M. Dotzel  (University of Missouri) 
A Schur Lemma for Homotopy Representation

November 23, 2007

9:30--10:20 Jang Hyun Jo (KIAS)
Free Actions of Groups on Homotopy Spheres
10:30-11:20 Keita Yamassaki (Osaka University) 
On the Chevally-Koszul Complex
11:30--12:20 Takao Satoh  (Osaka University, PD) 
The Johnson Filtration of the McCool Stabilizer Subgroup of the Automorphism Group of a Free Group
14:00--14:50 Ryousuke Fujita  (Wakayama National College of Technology) 
On the Homotopy Type of the Subgroup Complex
15:00--15:50 Fumihiro Ushitaki  (Kyoto Sangyou University) 
Isovariant Homotopy Classes from Free Q_{2n}-Manifolds to Repreentation Spheres
16:00--16:50 Kazuo Mukoyama (Tokyo Metropolitan College of Aeronautial Engineering) 
Smooth SL(m,C)×SL(n,C)-Actions on the (2m+2n-1)-Sphere
17:30--19:30 Dinner Party at "Shoya" (in Wakayamashi-Station Building) [Fee:5,000 yen]

November 24, 2007

9:30--10:20 Takahiko Yoshida (The University of Tokyo)
On the Existence of Symplectic Structures Compatible with Local Torus Actions
10:30--11:20 Norihiko Minami  (Nagoya Institute of Technology) 
Lurie's Equivariant Elliptic Cohomology
11:30--12:20 Soren Illman (University of Helsinki)
Equivariant Alexander-Spanier Cohomology and Applications to P.A.Smith Theory


Tomohiro Kawakami (kawa@center.wakayama-u.ac.jp)
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Education, Wakayama University.

Masayuki Yamasaki (yamasaki@surgery.matrix.jp)
Department of Applied Science, Faculty of Science, Okayama University of Science.