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Demonstration: Morphing Emotional Speech

This demonstration was on display at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Tokyo Japan from 23rd April to 15th August 2005. The title of the event is "Love stories - Why you are not alone.".

Takashi Yamaguchi: interface design

Hideki Kawahara: Morphing synthesis using STRAIGHT

Please click the following link to run the demonstration

[start demo](Flash movie)
(This movie does not compatible with Flash version 7. Please use 6 or 8.)

Notes on the demonstration

The movie consists of three demonstrations using different speech samples. ([Suki: I love you in Japanese],[Gomen: I am sorry in Japanese],[I love you.]) Each demonstration was made from three original natural speech samples spoken by an actor with different emotional expressions. The original sounds are placed on three vertices with annotations on emotions. All other intermediate speech sounds are synthesized sounds using a STRAIGHT-based morphing algorithm.