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STRAIGHT demonstrations (This page is outdated. Please visit the new STRAIGHT page )

STRAIGHT is a versatile speech manipulation tool invented by Hideki Kawahara when he was in ATR. A series of refinements and developments were conducted in the "Auditory Brain Project" under CREST program sponsored by JST.


Affine transformation
The basic application of STRAIGHT is to modify fundamental frequencies, the frequency axis and the time axis of a speech sample independently in a proportional fashion. The following examples illustrates results of these basic manipulations.
Arbitrary transformation
Transformations applicable to STRAIGHT parameters are not necessarily proportional. Nonlinear and non-stationary transformations of parameters are allowed unless they do not violate physical feasibility of the modified representations.
Auditory morphing of speech sounds
Auditory morphing is to transform one speech example into the other speech example in a parameterized manner.
Music application
Synthetic chorus using STRAIGHT won the first place in RENCON'04 among four synthetic singing systems. Here is the link to demonstrations.


Notes on availability

Essential components of STRAIGHT are patented by ATR and JST. When a company is interested in using STRAIGHT as a research tool, a written agreement between JST and the company is necessary for the company to get access to the codes and the technical documents. (Please contact the JST office for details.) For non-commercial research and/or educational institutes, please contact to the web-master. For evaluation purpose, you can use the trial version of STRAIGHT.

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