WAVE workshop 2011

(Last update: Thu Mar 3 10:41:06 JST 2011)

WAVE workshop on augmentation of speech communication
7 March, 2011
Room 9-349, Yotsuya Campus, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan

Auditory inspired speech signal processing technologies open a new possibility toward augmentation of speech communications. This workshop introduces accomplishments of research activities supported by the Grant-in-Aids for Scientific Research (A) 19200017 and stimulates discussions on possible research initiatives to persuade this challenging and important emerging field.

Please contact the organizer if you plan to attend this workshop. We welcome your participation.

Time table

Contact for participation to the workshop:

Hideki Kawahara, Professor Wakayama Univeristy
e-mail: kawahara@sys.wakayama-u.ac.jp