STRAIGHT support page (legacy-STRAIGHT: stable maintenance version. See hot topic.)

[Morphing demonstration]

Please note that STRAIGHT linked to this page is not a user friendly environment. The primary mode of use is to call individual Matlab functions from your own program. The GUI STRAIGHT is designed for interactive exploratory use for demonstrations and preliminary investigations only, and it is somewhat outdated. Please use the new interface functions (exstraightsource, exstraightspec, exstraightsynth and exstraightAPind) for your advanced project and programming. Also a specialized F0 extraction program is provided to improve the quality of re-synthesis. An introductory guide for programming with STRAIGHT command mode is available both in html and pdf. If you find anything missing about STRAIGHT functions for you to program your own project, please feel free to ask me. I also welcome your suggestions and feedback. Please send your comments to the author of STRAIGHT.

Last update: Sun 17 Jul 2016 22:04:54 JST

Note on update (STRAIGHTV40_007f)

This update makes STRAIGHT (legacy-STRAIGHT) compatible with MATLAB R2016a. It also makes non-GUI codes compatible with GNU Octave 4.0.2. No new function is added to this update. Currently active STRAIGHT series is TANDEM-STRAIGHT. A general morphing framework is implemented using TANDEM-STRAIGHT. Please contact me for their availability.


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