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This is KISODA Kenji's Home page. Though not a big figure, I research nanascience and nanotechnology with optical spectroscopy.

It is my pleasure to announce two following two news:

  1. Mr. Tatsuya MINAMINO will join SONY corporation as an engineer,
  2. you that my graduate student Mr. Tatsuya MINAMINO will join SONY corporation as an engineer from next April(1st April 2017). He has overcome many obstacles to be an engineer in a company. As far as I know, he is the first student to join SONY from Wakayama University. To congratulate him on joining the electronics company, I write this message. As the supervisor, I thank SONY for addmitting him to join.

    It is a great pleasure to announce that my graduate student Mr. Tatsuya MINAMINO, on behalf of the research team (Dr. Murakami, Prof. Itoh, and myself) will make a presentation in an international conference (29th International Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference).

    Our article entitled Origin of a Raman scattering peak generated in single-walled carbon nanotubes by X-ray irradiation and subsequent thermal annealinghas been published on-line (August 2016).

    As an active research scientist in nanoscience and nanotechnology, I would like to announce that our paper about doped graphenes are accepted for publication in Japanese Journal of Applied Physics.(November 2015)

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