RT-Movers :


RT-Movers is our team name for cybathlon. It is based on Wakayama university, Japan. Our target is to get the gold medal of the powered wheelchair discipline at cybathlon.

Team Leader: Shuro Nakajima

Professor, Wakayama university
 Research and development of PType WA
 Mechanical system
 Electrical system
 Computer system
 Control algorithm

Pilot: Tomoya Ito

Gold medalist, T52 Wheelchair race 400M and 800M, Beijing Paralympics
Silver medalist, T52 Wheelchair race 200M, 400M and 800M, London Paralympics
and more.


Hiroyuki Kujirai

 web page
 keen fixed band

Kojiro Maeda

 promotion video
 Open Dynamics Engine
 armrest of the opening and closing mechanism

Naoki Kishimura

 LED status indicator
 sensor fixture

Teppei Kosugi

 Inventor designe
 armrest top plate and the outer cover

Yusuke Furui

 body cover
 armrest table

Kenta Yamamoto